DONVALE Lions Club inc.

District 201V5, Victoria, Australia


Our focus is generally on the young who need a helping hand. We support the Australia wide Youth of the Year project and each 6 months operate a Kids Health Day for hearing and sight defects in early primary school children. Also we are strong supporters of our world wide foundation LCIF who distribute funds in disaster zones and currently to a global effort to eradicate measles.

Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to user their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done. 

Equipment Cheque presentation at Bulleen Heights School

Donvale Health Day's - Further Information

Donvale Lions Club has been conducting eye screening in pre-school children aged over 3½ years and young primary school children for about 20 years.  Hearing loss screening has been conducted at the same time and venue since 2005.

These screenings are Free of Charge to those invited from the local community and generally take place twice a year, March - May and August - October.

Early detection of sight impairment is important to prevent partial blindness while early detection of hearing loss is critical for the development of normal speech, language skills and social development of the child.

Eye Screening

Eye screening by professional Orthoptists funded by Donvale Lions Club identifies eye defects in children including the following conditions:-

These defects are the leading cause of partial blindness in our children and are more prevalent than is generally realized.  At these screenings it is shown that 3 to 15% of children will be referred for further professional examination. 

Hearing Loss Screening

Students under supervision from the School of Audiology, University of Melbourne  carry out the hearing loss tests to indentify the following conditions:-

Screening involves (a) the use of an audiometer with head phones placed over the child’s ears with the child being asked to indentify sounds of different frequencies by using play techniques including peg boards and (b) direct inner inspection with an otoscope or similar equipment.

It is found that 10 to 30% children will be referred. Fortunately most of this is due to wax or fluid buildup or the fact the child does not understand the instructions but serious hearing impairment may also identified.

Venue & Results

Donvale Lions Club chooses a venue within the area being screened and this maybe at a school premises such as Donburn Primary School or a church hall, etc.

Donvale Lions Club arranges appointments with parents to minimize queues forming at the venue. This is expedited by the prior sending of forms to the schools/preschools with the parents filling out the information requested including phone and email contact, etc., and returning them back to the school/preschool.  Education institutions therefore play a vital part in this whole process.

The children may normally be at the venue for up to 60 minutes. Parents will be immediately told the results together with recommendations including referrals for more detailed examination and assessment.